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Bronx Health Center Shares How to Lose Weight After the Holidays December 30, 2017

Morrisania, Bronx
Bronx Health Center Shares How to Lose Weight After the Holidays, Bronx, New York

It’s not uncommon to gain weight during the holiday season. From indulging in special treats to skipping workouts when it’s dark and cold outside, there are plenty of reasons why the number on the scale tends to creep up through the final months of the year. However, added pounds don’t need to be permanent. As a leading health center in the Bronx, NY, CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center is here with some helpful information for dropping excess weight gained through the holidays.  

A Health Center’s Guide to Post-Holiday Weight Loss

Where Should I Start?

Once you’re ready to seriously pursue your weight loss goals, start by stepping on the scale. This will help you develop a better understanding of where you are now versus where you should be. If you’re unsure of what a healthy weight range is for your individual needs, your local medical health center should provide some resources, such as body mass index calculators and sources for dietary counseling.

How Can I Get My Diet Back on Track?

health centerThere’s no “secret formula” behind weight loss. It requires both healthy eating and regular exercise. The key is to not approach your eating plan as a “diet;” instead, make lifestyle changes you can sustain. Begin by performing a “pantry purge” and eliminating any leftover holiday junk. Then, incorporate more vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and whole grains into your meals. Feel free to start slowly and experiment with new whole foods. Look for new recipes online and in cookbooks to keep things fresh and prevent cravings.

Where Should I Start With Exercise?

There’s a reason gym memberships spike during January—many like-minded people have goals similar to yours. If you’ve been sedentary for a long time, ease into a workout routine. Consider signing up for a gym where personal training is offered, so you can receive tailored workout advice. This way, you’ll maximize calorie burn without risking injury. If you’re already somewhat active but have reached a plateau with your routine, find ways to switch up your workouts and enforce accountability. Join a new class or find a new workout buddy, so you won’t skip sweat sessions.

Once you start your weight loss journey, remember to continue weighing yourself regularly. Tracking your results will help you stay focused and committed. If you need any additional help to get your wellness back on track for the new year, allow the medical professionals at the Bronx’s leading health center to help. Call CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center at (718) 569-7929 to schedule an appointment, or visit the facility online for more information on their services.