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4 Tips for Understanding Carpet Quality & Grade December 26, 2017

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4 Tips for Understanding Carpet Quality & Grade , Barnesville, Ohio

If you are looking for a new carpet or rug for your home, you may be faced with a long list of options, including texture, color, price, and other factors. To take the mystery out of understanding the grade and quality of your new carpet, the flooring experts of Ohio’s Flag Floors of Barnesville list five tips to follow.

How to Figure Out Carpet Quality & Grade

Fiber Density

Regarding carpets, density means the amount of yarn and the proximity of tufts. The real test of good density is determined at the backing rather than the surface. Spread the tufts apart to view their closeness. Better quality density means the backing isn’t very visible. If carpets are low density, they will be prone to matting and will not last as long as carpets with close tufts.


Carpets can be made from natural or synthetic fibers and will usually be nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, or wool. Nylon is the most popular due to its wear resistance and spectrum of colors and styles. When stain guards are in place, it is also stain resistant. Polyester, on the other hand, is lower cost but also not as durable as nylon and not recommended for high foot traffic. Wool is the most common of the natural fibers and is also quite luxurious and durable. Nylon-wool blends are popular, combining the best of natural and synthetic materials.


carpetA common misconception is that carpet thickness equals higher quality. While thickness makes the carpet feel more luscious, it doesn’t always mean the carpet is durable and high caliber. Instead, look at carpet pile choices such as plush, Berber, and cut and loop. The way the fibers are cut and looped determines how much traffic the carpet can handle. The tighter the loops, the more it can withstand.

Grading System

Avoid grading your carpet by number since those systems will vary greatly by different manufacturers’ standards. Instead, opt for ratings of high traffic, medium traffic, and low traffic in combination with other details when deciding what to install. Some manufacturers also have lower end carpets called apartment grade that aren’t meant to last longer than five years.

Carpets can be deceiving when you’re determining their quality. For the best in flooring for residential and commercial properties, trust Flag Floors of Barnesville. In addition to carpets, tile, ceramic, hardwood, and vinyl flooring options, they also offer custom cabinets and windows, making them the company to choose for your home’s upgrade. Call (740) 425-3344 or visit their website.