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Can Keeping My Printer on Extend the Life of My Ink Cartridge? December 7, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Can Keeping My Printer on Extend the Life of My Ink Cartridge?, Staten Island, New York

Extending the life of your printer’s ink cartridge can help you save money and avoid extra trips to the store. Since printer ink is notorious for drying up too quickly, a variety of internet posts are devoted to ways to save it. However, not all techniques are useful or reliable. Alpha Laser Richmond Corp., based in Staten Island, NY, says while you may waste time trying some strategies, there are a few simple and effective ways to ensure your ink lasts as long as possible. 

Guide to Prolonging Your Ink Cartridge 

Why You Are Losing Ink 

Regardless of the make and model, your printer uses up its ink during maintenance cycles. You send your machine into preservation mode each time you push the power button, which causes quick color loss. While printer repair experts recommend periodically triggering the maintenance cycle to clean the head and extend the life of the device, you can avoid excess use by leaving it on when you head out of the office. 

How to Get More Out of Your Ink Cartridge

ink cartridgeInstead of turning your printer off completely, let it stay in standby or power-save mode. Similar to your laptop’s sleep mode, this setting will still allow you to print if you need to, but it will help you avoid excessive maintenance cycles. In most cases, you can leave it in this mode for weeks at a time, especially if you are returning each business day to the office. 

However, you should consider turning off your printer when you leave for vacation or know you will not print for a while. Manufacturers caution your machine’s head may not work correctly if you leave it on for months at a time without printing or allowing it to run through its maintenance cycle. If you are unsure about the last time you powered it up, check its administrative settings. Your device may be able to tell you how much time has elapsed since the last maintenance cycle was performed and if the printer head is dirty. 

For businesses that create essential documents, wasted ink can add up. You can extend the life of your budget and ink cartridge by following the advice of a professional. For additional help or to fix a broken device, call Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. at (718) 317-1263. They serve all five boroughs of New York City and will ensure you receive the services or products you need. For more information, visit their website

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