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3 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet Throughout the Holidays December 8, 2017

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet Throughout the Holidays, Queens, New York

The holidays are here! That means plenty of festive cheer, parties, and an abundance of delicious foods. With so many rich desserts and snacks to indulge in, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. That is why Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, a medical clinic housing experts in dermatology, pain management, and even a urology specialist, has shared their top three tips.

Stay healthy this holiday season by following these simple ideas:

  • Urology specialistRemember Your Portions: You don’t need to go to extreme lengths to keep the pounds off this season. Go ahead and have some pumpkin pie, but remember to keep portions appropriate. If you want to try a taste of everything, do just that. Have a single bit from a couple desserts. To keep servings small, scoop or cut the foods yourself. Well-meaning friends and family members will often offer you a much larger amount of food than necessary.

  • Drink Wisely: Alcoholic and fizzy drinks are delicious. However, they also can add hundreds of calories to your daily intake. Consider this before having that second glass of wine, and try to drink water whenever you can. Add a lemon wedge to aid in digestion. Try to stick with a single alcoholic or sugary drink in a day.

  • Eat Your Vegetables: Holiday meals are known for being rich and plentiful, so consider your options before loading up your plate. Go for the vegetables and proteins first. Skip over the cranberry salad, mashed potatoes, and buttered rolls. You can still enjoy a full plate, just be mindful of what you are putting on your plate.

Stay healthy this holiday season by adhering to these simple tips. For more advice, visit Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center. Whether you require an OBGYN, allergy specialist, or urology specialist, their experts will care for all your needs. All ages are welcome and can benefit from their exceptional doctors. For more information, call (718) 275-8900 today. You can also find the diabetes and urology specialists on Twitter.