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Importance of Visiting an Auto Repair Shop to Get Your Car Ready for Winter December 12, 2017

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Importance of Visiting an Auto Repair Shop to Get Your Car Ready for Winter, North Madison, Ohio

Bringing your car to an auto repair shop to get it ready for the cold months is a necessity. Winter is usually the harshest season for both drivers and vehicles. Prepping your ride is one way to ensure that everything is working properly. Furthermore, the major repairs you might potentially need if you decide to skip winterization would be significantly more expensive than routine service checks.

Here’s why you should give importance to winter car care:

  • auto repair shopImproves Safety: Roads tend to be more dangerous during winter because they are often wet and sometimes frozen. Going to an auto repair shop for a regular inspection can maximize your safety. For instance, tire service can ensure that your car has enough traction to navigate slippery and snowy roads. Changing to winter tires can reduce your chances of skidding. Additionally, brake service will fix your existing brake problems to allow you to stop the car when necessary.

  • Increases Comfort: Winter comes with freezing temperatures, so you’ll want your car to pump out all the warm air you need. Part of winter car care is changing your coolant and flushing the heater core. Just like the oil in your engine, coolant will inevitably break down over time. Rust and sludge could start to build up and block the tubes of the heating system. Flushing the system can prevent clogs to keep the radiator operating at peak performance.

  • Prevents Breakdowns: A battery check and oil change are required in winter to keep your car running smoothly and avoid breakdowns. A weak battery can give you problems with starting your vehicle since your starter needs more voltage. If it dies, you could find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Winter-grade oil can provide better lubrication of engine components to facilitate an efficient start.

When it comes to your winter car maintenance needs, you can count on the experts at Madison Muffler and Auto in Lake County, OH. This auto repair shop can service your tires, perform brake repair, and do tuneups. Call (440) 428-2677 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information.

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