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4 Reasons Why Drop-Off Laundry Service Is Considered Environmentally Friendly December 20, 2017

Dothan, Houston
4 Reasons Why Drop-Off Laundry Service Is Considered Environmentally Friendly, Dothan, Alabama

Did you know that drop-off laundry service can protect the environment? While many individuals take advantage of this solution for a number of reasons, improving the planet isn’t one of the most recognized, but it does make a difference. Below are the top four reasons why depending on local laundry professionals to clean your clothes helps to prevent further damage from happening to the environment:

4 Reasons Why Drop-Off Laundry Service Helps to Protect the Environment

Clothes Are Washed in Filtered Water

Most laundromats are known for washing clothes in filtered water. This prevents harmful chemicals and bacteria from getting flushed back out into the environment and produces a cleaner feel to the materials that have gone through the cycles.

It Uses Lower Amounts of Detergent

drop-off laundry serviceDrop-off laundry service professionals know the best methods for getting clothes clean. This usually results in lower amounts of detergent being used per load and drastically reduces the number of cleaners released into the environment after each wash.

They Purchase Environmentally-Friendly Products

In addition to lowering the amount of detergent in every load, the experts also work to ensure that every product they use is good for the environment. Since there are no harmful chemicals present in any of these detergents and softeners, there’s no reason to worry about the community being negatively affected.

It Saves Several Gallons of Water

While it might seem as if laundromats use more water than average, this isn’t the case at all. These facilities feature some of the most efficient appliances in the industry and pride themselves in producing clean laundry with approximately half of the amount of water.


Are you interested in learning more about drop-off laundry service? Connect with the experts at Park Avenue Coin Laundry in Dothan, AL. These professionals specialize in fast and efficient solutions and have become recognized as the go-to laundromat in the region. They have over 200 years of combined experience with cleaning clothes and are well-versed in the latest techniques. You can reach one of their representatives directly by calling (334) 678-0800, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Visit the website for additional information about this local laundromat.

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