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Looking for New Home Appliances? Look to These 3 Luxury Brands December 13, 2017

Daphne, Baldwin
Looking for New Home Appliances? Look to These 3 Luxury Brands, Daphne, Alabama

The time comes for all homeowners to swap out their old washers, dryers, or ovens and upgrade to a newer and more high-quality model. Home appliances come in a wide range of styles and contain unique features from one to the next, varying in quality and design integrity. The trick to getting the most out of your new home appliances is to start with a strong understanding of which brands offer the best products. 

3 Best Luxury Appliance Brands to Shop for Your Home

1. Thermador™

Looking for superior kitchen appliances at a fraction of the price you’d pay at other high-end retailers? Opt for Thermador. They’ve been in the business of manufacturing kitchen technology for 75 years, and they’ve innovated several kitchen concepts, such as the first professional range for residential use and the warming drawer. 

2. Miele®

Independent and family-owned, Miele offers top-of-the-line home appliances. They’re the only manufacturer to test their products to ensure they last 20 years, or 10,000 operating hours. In addition to producing durable machines, Miele also focuses on minimizing their environmental impact. Their line of dishwashers, for example, was designated by ENERGY STAR® as some of the most energy-efficient products in 2017.

3. Wolf®

Also known as Sub-Zero®, Wolf provides appliances with cutting-edge technology designed to make your life easier. The intuitive software allows you to connect to your kitchen appliances through a Wi-Fi enabled smart device. You can control units remotely, selecting and changing cooking temperatures and switching from one mode to the next. Wolf appliances ensure a busy schedule doesn’t keep you from cooking your meal on time.


Are you looking to replace the appliances in your home in Mobile, AL? If so, check out these and other luxury brands offered at Mobile Appliance. For 20 years, this group of knowledgeable and informed professionals has made it their mission to furnish locals with only the best in residential appliance technology. Whether you’re looking for a new unit for cooking, refrigeration, or dish washing, they have a home appliance for you. For more information, visit them online or call (251) 633-3188 today.

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