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A New York Real Estate Agent Shares 3 Differences Between Selling a Home Vacant vs. Occupied December 28, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
A New York Real Estate Agent Shares 3 Differences Between Selling a Home Vacant vs. Occupied, Manhattan, New York

There are any number of reasons why a home might be sold vacant as opposed to being sold occupied, but are there certain advantages of selling one way over the other? While any home sale can be a stressful undertaking, knowing what to expect from a vacant home sale versus an occupied home sale can help prepare you for the process. Below, the real estate agents at The Tocco Group in New York City discuss three differences between selling a home vacant and selling one that is occupied.

3 Differences Between Selling a Home Vacant vs. Occupied

1. A Vacant Home Is Generally Easier to Show

Without having to schedule viewings with current occupants, more potential buyers can more easily access the home for showings. Also, with little or no furnishings, the space is going to be a lot easier to keep clean and to present in pristine condition. Viewings, too, can be smoother with no interruptions from current occupants.

2. A Vacant Home & an Occupied Home Have Very Distinct Energies

real estate agentA vacant house is going to look like what it is: empty and open. Some potential buyers will appreciate seeing the house as a clean slate and imagining what they could do with the space, while others will be turned off by the starkness and coldness. An occupied house is naturally going to give off a more welcoming and personalized feel, as it already has inhabitants who have made it into a home.

3. A Vacant Home Could Be More Susceptible to Crime

If you're selling a vacant home, be aware that an empty house could be seen as an open invitation to criminal activity. Obviously, there are no goods or furnishings to steal, but the place could be used as temporary shelter, vandalized, or the pipes stolen for their copper. Having no one around to keep constant tabs on a vacant house could ultimately make the home harder to sell.

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