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4 Spa-Quality Winter Skin Care Tips December 26, 2017

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
4 Spa-Quality Winter Skin Care Tips, Juneau, Alaska

Brutal winter weather can wreak unexpected havoc on your skin’s condition. As temperatures drop outside and dry air fills the home, skin may become drier, rougher, and irritated. It’s also not unusual to experience a peak in sensitivity at this time of year. The skilled team at Rejuvenation Salon & Spa, of Juneau, AK, understands how challenging it can be to control difficult skin. The spa experts share their tips for handling this problem with ease.

5 Spa-Quality Winter Skin Care Tips

1. Moisturize Properly

spaIt’s essential to moisturize year-round, but this skincare step is more significant in the winter. The most effective way to moisturize is to layer on the lotion when skin is slightly damp to lock in as much moisture as possible. After showering, dab skin dry with a towel and follow with a hydrating body cream. After rinsing your face at night, leave it slightly wet and apply your moisturizer of choice.

2. Use a Humidifier

With the heat constantly running indoors, dry air can quickly do a number on your skin. Neutralize this by running a humidifier so that the air becomes moist, thus allowing your skin to find relief from itchiness, dryness, and cracking.

3. Add an Oil

Hydrating oils are rich in fatty acids that gently soak into the skin, plump it up, and give it a healthier appearance. That’s particularly important during winter because complexions may look lackluster due to minimal sun exposure. Oils also protect the skin from damage and help soothe discomfort and irritation. You can even schedule a spa massage to give your skin a head-to-toe oil treatment.

4. Mind Your Lips

Chapped lips are common during winter, and it’s important to care for them the same way you would your skin. Finish each day with an emollient lip balm. Look for one enriched with hydrating shea or mango butters for the best results.

By taking a few precautionary measures early in the season, you can prevent the all-too-common skin irritation and discomfort of winter. You can also visit Rejuvenation Salon & Spa for targeted skin care treatments — including microdermabrasion and facials — which will soothe and treat your complexion. Visit the spa’s website to learn more about their other services or call (907) 790-3362 to schedule an appointment.

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