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God's Protection December 8, 2017

God's Protection, Wagoner, Oklahoma

God’s Protection

Do you ever find yourself questioning if God really is with you and working on your side? Well for me I have and there was a season of my life I questioned Him every day. Now just to clarify one particular matter here. If you’re a “religious” person you probably will not want to read this because I have noticed that “religious” people have God all figured out. I’m not a religious woman just a simple lady striving each day to make Heaven my home, spending the majority of some days in continual repentance. I share this statement with you because I was at a church one time and made the comment that I had at one point of my life about six years ago became mad a God. The preacher said “I’ve never been mad at God and you shouldn’t be either.” Well I was mad then and even now don’t always have the understanding of why I’m experiencing such pain in my life. I believe God want’s us to reach those desperate areas of our lives so that we will push and press into what He has for us and it’s in those instants that we realize how loving, forgiving and powerful God is. Which leads me to an amazing story I want to share with all of you. You see Jason and I for about five months straight had been going through many transitions in our personal and business lives. Some days I think both of us honestly thought we had been defeated and would be better off just crawling under a rock deep in the woods and holding our breath until it was over. But instead God would give us the strength and energy to keep going not to mention the ability to keep our mouths shut so we personally wouldn’t make things worse. I found myself in those five months frustrated, angry, heartbroken. To be honest, really questioning God on why we were going through these situations. Was He really with us or were we believing for something that wasn’t going to work out? That was until one-day God showed Jason, myself and our two kids just how powerful He is. We had awoken just like always on a Tuesday morning got the kids prepared for school and breakfast completed and out the door everyone went. Jason and I worked our full eight hours at work and returned back home with the kids that evening to wrap up the day. But when we returned home there was somewhat of a peculiar odor in our home. We live on a farm so our very first thought was that some little creepy mouse snuck in and its final resting place was in our house. So, we lit our candles and continued on with our evening journey getting everyone fed and put to bed. We get up the next morning to find the smell has raised in the level of odor. So of course, you pray that nobody decides today is the day to come visit and you light some more candles or incense and don’t breathe in through your nose. But it wouldn’t be long before we discovered the odor indeed was not a dead creepy mouse but instead on Tuesday morning when breakfast was cooked our gas range didn’t get turned off all the way and the smell we were smelling was the chemical in the gas leaking into our home for twenty-four hours. Jason went to make the kids their breakfast on Wednesday morning and when he lit the burner the one right next to it lit as well!  It’s amazing how God will show you How powerful He is and how He is always protecting us in every way. What I haven’t shared is how less than twenty feet away from that stove we have another gas heater that provides heat to our bedroom that’s thermostatically controlled and it had been on during that chilly night.  Then the next morning I stood about four feet away from that kitchen stove that was leaking gas and struck a match to light the incense! Now if God’s not protecting us I don’t know who is.  No matter what we are going through the loss of a loved one, life transitions, divorce, whatever it may be let’s not lose hope. It’s hard not to lose hope but if your honest with God and don’t try to act like you have it all figured out and you don’t need His help He will show you He’s with you. That particular day changed the way that I view God and how He protects us it could have ended very badly. Even though we made a mistake and didn’t turn the stove all the way off He protected and saved us and He will do the same for you. As I was heading into the office I was just praising God and thanking Him for what He had done. Here is what He dropped into my spirit “stop questioning me on everything that your going through or what I ask you to do just do it and trust me. Every time you pause and question me you are wasting time and taking a step back.” So, let’s always remember that when we walk by faith and not by sight we have to believe that no matter what God is always with us and never will He leave or forsake us. God’s protection is the best protection any of us could ask for so don’t give up, keep pushing knowing that the end is near to your situation and soon you will see your victory.


Love, Anita J. Shipman

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