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Considering Piano Lessons for Your Kid? 6 Questions to Ask a Prospective Teacher December 28, 2017

New York, Richmond
Considering Piano Lessons for Your Kid? 6 Questions to Ask a Prospective Teacher, New York, New York

Learning to play the piano helps young people gain confidence and find an outlet for creative expression. But how do you find the right teacher for your child’s piano lessons? An instructor should set the tone for a lifetime of musical education and appreciation. Here’s what you should ask your child’s prospective teacher.

What You Should Ask a Teacher Before Starting Piano Lessons

1. How Long Have You Played & Taught Piano?

A talented pianist is not necessarily an effective teacher. Look for someone who has experience playing piano for an audience and teaching others. Retired performers and people with formal training in musical education are great options.

2. What Kind of Music Do You Teach?

Some teachers focus on only classical music, while others teach a range of musical styles. For a good musical foundation, classical music is important, but learning to play songs your child loves helps keep them engaged.

3. How Much Practice Time Is Expected?

piano lessonsCan your child devote the time needed to prepare for each lesson? Find out what the teacher’s expectations are for the child and your involvement as a parent.

4. Do You Use a Particular Teaching Method?

There are several effective methods for teaching piano lessons. Find out what techniques the teacher uses, and ask why they work well. Do a little research to make sure their chosen style works well with your child’s learning style and personality.

5. Do You Offer Recital Opportunities?

Performing for an audience is an important part of piano lessons. It gives a child confidence and a goal to work toward. Find out how often recitals occur and whether there’s an additional cost associated with it.

6. How Much Do Lessons Cost?

Does the teacher charge by the month, hour, or lesson? Find out when payment is expected and what happens if your child must miss a class.


Piano lessons and other instrumental instruction will grow your child’s love for music and help them succeed academically and personally. DEA Music and Art, serving Staten Island, NY, offers an array of music and art classes for children as young as three years old. Their passionate teachers have real-world experience in musical theater, performance, and music production, and they’re ready to help your child reach their music and art educational goals. Check out their FAQ page to learn more, and call (718) 370-7733 today to schedule a free trial class.