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How Personal Training & Regular Exercise Benefit Your Brain December 12, 2017

Behind the Rocks, Hartford
How Personal Training & Regular Exercise Benefit Your Brain, Hartford, Connecticut

Some people already know that regular exercise can help improve their health, reducing the risk of common concerns like heart disease and high blood pressure. But did you know that a personal trainer can also boost your brainpower? According to the experts at Boundless Performance Systems–the premier fitness center in Hartford, CT–personal training exercises more than just your body.

What Is Personal Training?

Certified personal trainers are trained to motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback while instructing these individuals on new exercises and techniques. Because their goal is to improve a client’s physical abilities, they encourage people to exercise regularly.

For example, if you see a trainer once a week, they’ll hold you accountable for regularly exercising on the days you don’t see them. And they can measure this with physical assessments, as well as goal setting. Additionally, these individuals can also provide instruction in other areas of wellness, including general health and nutrition.

How Does It Benefit the Brain?

personal trainingStudies have shown that aerobic exercise, such as running or swimming, can increase the size of the hippocampus–the part of the brain associated with memory. Biologically speaking, this type of exercise results in a higher concentration of growth factors and reduced inflammation, which helps to grow new cells in the brain and improve its health. As a result, many individuals in these studies indicated improved memory and cognitive thinking skills.

For many people, motivation is the most difficult part of regular exercise. Thankfully, the personal training professionals at Boundless Performance Systems can create tailored plans to help you meet your goals–and improve brainpower. Not only will they help you improve your abilities at the gym, but also ensure you eat the right foods for maximum performance. Schedule your free assessment today by calling a friendly team member at (860) 985-2967, or visit them online for more information.

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