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Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Experts Explain the Advantage of Having a Fire Extinguisher December 12, 2017

Fairfield, Butler
Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Experts Explain the Advantage of Having a Fire Extinguisher, Fairfield, Ohio

A fire can break out at any time, causing thousands of dollars in damage and potentially even destroying your home. Fortunately, if a fire does tear through your house, your homeowners insurance policy should pay for the damages, but most people would probably prefer to avoid this disaster in the first place. Having a fire extinguisher on hand can stop the destruction before it starts and could even save you money every month in the process.

3 Reasons to Keep a Fire Extinguisher Around

1. Protecting Your Property

Every year, fires cause over $11 billion in losses, including destroyed personal possessions and damage to the structures themselves. While your homeowners insurance policy may compensate you for your lost belongings and repair the house, some things just can’t be replaced, like rare antiques and family heirlooms. Having a fire extinguisher available can be the difference between losing some of your most valued possessions and having a little mess to clean up.

2. Saving Lives

homeowners insuranceEvery year, thousands of people lose their lives in home fires, many of which could have been prevented. Having even a small fire extinguisher on hand gives you the power to put out a fire before it spreads and threatens the lives of those you love most.

3. Lowering Insurance Premiums

Most homeowners insurance providers offer discounts to those who take safety measures, so having a fire extinguisher can actually result in substantial savings. In the long run, lower premiums will more than make up for the cost of the extinguisher itself.


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