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3 Items to Store In Your Car in Case of a Crash April 3, 2018

Omaha, Douglas
3 Items to Store In Your Car in Case of a Crash, Omaha, Nebraska

Even the most careful of drivers can experience serious accidents from time to time. To prepare for such worst-case scenarios, the auto accident attorneys at Salerno & Associates urge drivers in Omaha, NE, to stock their vehicles with certain necessary items. While you can’t always prevent injuries from occurring, you can mitigate the consequences.

Auto Accident Attorneys’ Guide to Emergencies

1. First Aid Kit

auto accident attorneyA well-stocked first aid kit is not only good for car accidents, but is also useful in other situations. Always ensure certain items are included, such as antiseptic ointment and wipes, bandages, gauze, tweezers, gloves, and over-the-counter pain relief. Keep the kit in an area of your vehicle where it is easily accessible.

2. Food & Water

Not all crashes occur in highly-populated areas. If you experience a crash in the middle of nowhere, you may need to wait hours for help to arrive. Having nonperishable snacks, like protein bars, and water in your vehicle can help you get through this time, as you’ll need sustenance if you end up waiting for assistance overnight.

3. Blankets, Flashlights, & Other Small Accessories

If you’re stuck waiting for help to arrive, it’s wise to have other emergency items on hand. You’ll need extra blankets for warmth if you can’t operate your vehicle’s heating system, and flashlights are useful for making your way through the dark or signaling for help, if necessary. Some people even stock an extra pair of clothes in their vehicles, which is especially helpful in colder climates and throughout the winter months.

If you need a seasoned auto accident attorney, turn to the legal team at Salerno & Associates. As one of the community’s most respected lawyers, the team boasts over 30 years of experience and quality legal counsel to help you secure the outcome you deserve. Call (402) 502-9002 today to schedule a consultation with an auto accident attorney. You can also visit the firm online for more information on them.

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