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Do Security Cameras Prevent Workplace Theft? December 26, 2017

Moraine, Montgomery
Do Security Cameras Prevent Workplace Theft?, Moraine, Ohio

When you manage a large workplace, especially one with a high turnover rate, keeping track of everyone is next to impossible. If you don’t have a decent security protocol in place, you’re leaving too much opportunity for potential crime. Even if you trust your employees, it’s good to have at least security cameras for their safety, if nothing else. Employee theft, however, is a common issue in the United States and worth dealing with pre-emptively.

Here are a few ways security cameras help deter workplace theft and help you investigate potential future problems.

  • Makes a Statement to Employees: Just having security cameras installed is enough to stop most crimes before they happen. It should be no secret you have them. Tell your employees you have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to theft and that all closets, pantries, and other storage areas are being monitored.

  • security camerasMonitors Points of Entry & Exit: Other important places to install closed-circuit TVs include doors and windows. Footage from these areas lets you get another look at anyone trying to leave with your property, especially if they weren’t identifiable from other cameras. Additionally, security cameras in these locations will film any suspicious people trying to enter your business.

  • Archives All Footage: Some of the most common ways employers find out they’re getting stolen from is when they experience inventory shrinkage or profit loss. If theft is behind this, it likely indicates long-term activity. In other words, the theft has been taking place over a period of several weeks or months. With archived security camera system records, you can look through, confirm your suspicion, and find out who’s behind it.


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