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What Distinguishes Eco-Pro Planet From Other Flooring Contractors? December 12, 2017

Paradise, Clark
What Distinguishes Eco-Pro Planet From Other Flooring Contractors?, Paradise, Nevada

Greater awareness about environmental concerns and preservation is why sustainable, green flooring is becoming increasingly popular. However, how can you determine the authenticity of products a flooring contractor has to offer? For the retailers in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas, partnering with Eco-Pro Planet is a guarantee that every product will meet high standards of quality. Read on to learn how this flooring company stands apart from its competitors.

What Distinguishes Eco-Pro Planet From Other Flooring Contractors

Recyclable Flooring Options

The exclusive selection of products by Eco-Pro Planet is made with sustainable materials. As proponents of the environment, their experts rely on recyclable plastic, vinyl, and bamboo to create a sophisticated line of flooring designs. By doing so, they make it possible for you to find options that don’t require deforestation or the depletion of other natural resources.

Flooring ContractorSafe Products for Your Home

Wood flooring requires constant maintenance with varnishes and stains that contain highly flammable and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Switching to the bamboo products from this flooring company can help cut back on these chemicals and create a safer indoor environment. Each batch of their bamboo floors is checked for formaldehyde by Benchmark International, a renowned chemical testing facility.


Sustainable floors aren't just good for the environment—they’re also beneficial for your pocket. This is especially true for the top-tier bamboo and vinyl materials Eco-Pro Planet uses to manufacture their signature floors. The ability to repurpose and reuse these floors accounts for their longevity and cost-effectiveness. What’s more, they require little to no maintenance over the years, sparing the need for long-term maintenance expenses.

With added benefits of soundproofing, waterproofing, and fire protection, it’s easy to see why the floor creations by Eco-Pro Planet are a cut above the rest. That's why this flooring contractor has earned a stellar reputation among retailers and installers throughout Las Vegas and the neighboring areas. For further information about their products, call (702) 534-1115 or check out their gallery.