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What to Expect From Your Home Builders This Winter December 6, 2017

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What to Expect From Your Home Builders This Winter, Rockford, Illinois

No one better understands the highs and lows of winter building than New Leaf Homes—the women-owned home builders of Rockford, IL. With an in-depth understanding of Midwestern prerogatives and weather, they know exactly what their clients look for in a property: longevity, efficiency, and of course, an investment return. They are here to assuage any concerns by presenting a few items to expect during a new build or remodel this winter.

High-Quality Materials

One way New Leaf Homes ensures a secure build site during the winter is by using high-quality materials. Made with the newest technology, items like roofs, floors, and framing can all withstand moisture, making snow or rain an unnecessary worry. Neither standing water no cold affects their durability or usability. And because there is less humidity during the colder months, these materials dry out quicker if it does rain.

Weather-Related Construction Delays 

Home buildersA little patience for your home builders is key during the winter months. Midwesterners know just how fickle winter can be, and the local contractors at New Leaf Homes are experienced in dealing with and overcoming such setbacks. The highly skilled team works efficiently and swiftly to complete the basement and foundation before freezing temperatures hit. Though they have to address these concrete features quickly, they still maintain their vigilant eye for detail, ensuring all their projects are safe and of the highest quality. 

With an overall experience in design and construction totaling over 70 years, the professional home builders at New Leaf Homes know exactly how to turn your dream into a reality, creating a house or completing a remodel to your specifications. To speak with a designer or hear about the latest listings, call (815) 977-5753. Or, visit their website for more information on their building services.