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Understanding the Difference Between Balayage & Ombre January 3, 2018

Harrison, Westchester
Understanding the Difference Between Balayage & Ombre, Harrison, New York

The new year is synonymous with change, and it offers the opportunity to transform your appearance and style. If you are looking for a way to modernize and revamp your look this year, consider updating your hair color. Two of the most popular hair color trends in recent years have been balayage and ombre. Both techniques are low-maintenance looks and a great option for someone who’s never colored their hair. To learn more about the differences between these looks, read below.

Balayage vs. Ombre


Balayage is a French hair color technique which originated in the mid-1970’s. With this technique, highlights are hand-painted around the face and ends of hair with a few lighter strands throughout the crown. Balayage is subtler than foil highlights, creating a “sun-kissed” look. It can take one or more visits to the hair salon to perfect this style and color; however, the regrowth is less obvious, allowing you to go longer between appointments.


hair colorOmbre is another French color technique, which translates to “shading.” With this technique, hair color is applied so that the roots are darker, and the hair gets gradually lighter towards the ends. Ombre is achieved in two phases; first, the base color is applied, and the highlights are added shortly after. Unlike balayage, ombre is typically done in one visit, and the results can last months, although routine touch-ups are recommended.


Balayage and ombre treatments are the perfect introduction to hair dye, and they’re great updates to any hair color connoisseur. If you are in the Rye, NY, area and would like to give these hair color techniques a try, contact NUMI | A Nuriel Abramov Salon. This hair salon offers high-end treatments and results at a reasonable price. To learn more, visit their website or call (914) 921-6864 today to schedule an appointment with one of their stylists.