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Prioritize Pet Health This Holiday Season With These 3 Safety Tips December 8, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
Prioritize Pet Health This Holiday Season With These 3 Safety Tips, Ewa, Hawaii

It may not snow on Oahu, but that doesn’t stop local residents from getting into the holiday spirit and fill their homes and businesses with festive cheer. Of course, those who have dogs, cats, or other critters running around need to keep pet health in mind when doing so, because Christmas decorations pose potential hazards. Below, the friendly team at Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital shares three tips for keeping your pets safe this holiday season.

Pet Health Tips: How to Ensure Your Furry Friends’ Safety Over the Holidays

1. Anchor the Christmas Tree

If you plan on putting up a Christmas tree this year, make sure you secure it to the stand, as well as a nearby wall if possible. Cats are especially notorious for batting at ornaments, and lumbering dogs can knock over a tree simply by walking past. You should also purchase a cover for the stand so pets cannot access the tree water. Standing water fosters bacteria growth, and pet health experts advise owners not to let their furry friends drink the tree water, which may contain fertilizers or other chemicals.

2. Secure Wirespet health

With lights come wires, and with wires comes the risk of electric shock. Tie up or cover any cords and wires so they are out of reach. Even a gentle nibble on an extension cord can have disastrous—and even fatal—results. In particular, be wary of dangling cords, as they can tempt pets to play with them.

3. Beware of Toxic Plants

Some of the most popular holiday plants, including mistletoe, pine, and holly, can threaten pet health if ingested. If you’re unsure about a particular plant or flower, opt for the artificial version. In the midst of holiday cooking, you should also be careful of feeding your pet leftovers. Some common ingredients can pose a risk to animals. 

If you want to learn more about pet health or your furry friend is overdue for a checkup, turn to Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital in Waipahu, HI. Should your pet experience an emergency over the holiday, you can even turn to them after-hours for quality care. To learn more about the comprehensive pet services they provide, visit them online or call (808) 671-7387 to make a veterinarian appointment today.

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