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3 Most Common Water Well Drilling Methods December 8, 2017

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3 Most Common Water Well Drilling Methods, Taylorsville, Utah

If your property isn’t located near a municipal water system, you’ll likely need to invest in water well drilling services. The professionals from Advanced Well Drilling & Services in Taylorsville, UT, find that their clients often have questions about which type of well drilling process will be used on their property. Below, they discuss the three types of drilling they use the most. 

3 Residential & Commercial Water Well Drilling Methods 

1. Rotary Drilling 

One of the most common drilling methods for water wells is rotary drilling, which utilizes a bit attached at the end of a long drill pipe. The pipe is fed into the ground using a hydraulic system, and the drill bit bores to the aquifer that will supply your well. Often, drilling fluid is used to make the water well drilling process more efficient and ensure the hole remains stable after drilling is complete. 

water-well-drilling2. Auger Water Well Drilling 

Another common form is auger drilling, which performs particularly well in sandy areas. This technique is often used to drill the top layer of a well before completing the rest with a cable tool. An auger drill carries debris to the surface of the borehole, making the process much easier. However, since augers are commonly used in sandier areas, a drill casing is often installed to prevent the bore hole from collapsing before it’s finished. 

3. Cable Tool Drilling 

Also know as percussion drilling, this method uses a heavy drill string that’s repeatedly dropped into the drill hole. Cable tool drilling can be a slower drilling method, but many find it preferable because it’s cheaper and less complicated to operate than a rotary drill. The cable tool drill repeatedly raises and lowers the drill bit attached to the string, chipping away at rock, sand, and mud to form a slurry that is removed with a bailing device. 

The water well drilling process can be complicated, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals from Advanced Well Drilling & Services. Call them today at (801) 572-8080, or visit them online for a closer look at their well repair and submersible pump installation services. 

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