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Microblading FAQ: A Starter’s Guide December 5, 2017

Strong, Rochester
Microblading FAQ: A Starter’s Guide, Rochester, New York

 Microblading has become increasingly popular in recent years for creating those picture-perfect eyebrows you see all over social media. A type of semi-permanent makeup, microblading simulates the appearance of small hairs using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. Here, microblading professionals at Mark & M.E. full service salon in Rochester, NY, answer some common questions clients have about this topic.

FAQs: Microblading

How Does It Work?microblading

The procedure is done using extremely fine needles, which are used to etch cosmetic tattoo pigment into the skin. Each “hair” is created individually, making for a realistic appearance.

Is the Process Painful?

The professionals at Mark & M.E. strive to make each customer as comfortable as possible during every procedure. To ensure this, customers are numbed with Lidocaine prior to having the procedure done. Once the customer is numb, the process will start and they will feel no pain.

How Long Does It Take?

The length of the process depends on the procedure. For the initial procedure, it takes approximately 2 hours, and for the 6-week appointment, which is included in the price, it will take 1 hour.

What Is Healing Like?

You will experience some redness and slight scabbing afterwards. The color will appear very dark initially but will lighten by as much as 40% as it heals, giving you a more natural look. Expect full healing within seven to fourteen days.

How Frequently Are Touchups Needed?

Touchups are recommended every four to six weeks to address changes in brow growth and thickness. This also allows you to refine your brows, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What Aftercare Is Required?

After your procedure, you’ll be asked to use a healing balm for the first five to seven days. The area should not be soaked in water for the first two weeks, and no makeup should be applied for at least ten days. Ask your technician for precise aftercare instructions tailored to your case.

If want to know more about microblading, please call Mark & M.E. hair and nail salon and they will be happy to answer your questions. Located in Rochester, NY, this men’s and women’s beauty center is dedicated to providing top-quality services that leave their clients looking and feeling fabulous. You can get a look at some of their work—including microblading—via their website. To request an appointment, call (585) 473-7360.

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