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Why Sleepaway Summer Camp Is a Multi-Year Experience February 22, 2018

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Why Sleepaway Summer Camp Is a Multi-Year Experience, Piermont, New Hampshire

When children and teens go to sleepaway summer camp for the first time, they almost always find it fun and exciting. Some parents still wonder whether their kids will want to go the following summer. Even during winter months, it’s important to encourage your child to plan a return trip to summer camp. They’ll quickly recall last summer’s adventures and life-changing experiences!

3 Reasons Sleepaway Summer Camp Should Be a Multi-Year Experience

1. Gets Better With Time

Spending the summer away from home is a novel experience for many kids—and it gets more exciting each time they do it. Returning to camp for another summer allows children to reunite with friends, work on the skills they learned last year, and try new activities. Building on the lessons from the previous session gives them the confidence they need to thrive in their environment.

2. Fosters Independence

sleepaway summer camp Piermont NHCampers are encouraged to work together and learn to resolve issues without a parent’s involvement, helping them develop crucial interpersonal skills. As kids learn to communicate and work as a team, they will feel more comfortable and confident in new social situations, including those involving conflict. Counselors are available to guide campers through difficult conversations and help them practice the skills needed to get along with their peers and develop positive, meaningful relationships.

3. Builds a Community

For most young people, camp provides a safe space where they can be themselves without feeling pressure from others. Summer sleepaway camp is meant to be a nurturing environment where everyone learns and develops skills and supports each other every step of the way. Returning to camp each year allows kids to pass on what they’ve learned and help newcomers feel welcome, building a support network for everyone.


If your child is interested in New England’s best sleepaway summer camp, then turn to Camp Walt Whitman. Their seven-week programs provide kids with plenty of time to learn and practice new skills and form meaningful friendships. As your young camper has new experiences and grows as an individual, you’ll rest easy knowing they’re safe and well-supervised. Call (800) 657-8282 to learn more about their activities, and visit them online for more information about attending camp.  
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