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How Do You Properly Store & Handle Propane? December 14, 2017

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How Do You  Properly Store & Handle Propane?, West Plains, Missouri

Propane tanks are a common sight in many houses across the country, but many homeowners don’t understand how dangerous they can be. To ensure the safety of you and your family, you should know how to properly use, store, and handle propane. Here are several helpful tips to help you avoid any life-threatening issues down the line.

4 Tips to Handle & Store Propane in Your Home

1. Be Mindful of Leaks

Propane leaks are one of the most dangerous risks associated with owning a tank. While propane is naturally odorless, manufacturers enhance it with a distinctive smell to help alert their customers to any leaking gas. Check with your distributor to see if they have any scratch-and-sniff cards to help familiarize you and your family with the smell of leaking propane. When you’re not using your propane tank, avoid any gas spillage by ensuring the cylinder’s top valve is closed.

2. Avoid Multiple Tanks

propane It’s also best to have only one tank in your home at any given time. While it might be more convenient to have a reserve tank or two stored, the explosive force of multiple tanks could shake your home to its very foundation should one explode due to extreme heat.

3. Store Safely

When it comes to storing your propane tank, choose a location that is cool, well-ventilated, and outside of your home. Since gas is heavier than air, it’s best to keep your tanks away from low areas, such as basement windows or garages. Any escaping gas can build up in these areas and become extremely dangerous.

4. Replace When Necessary

If you notice your propane cylinder is looking a little weathered, it’s likely time to replace it. Signs it’s time for a new cylinder include rust, peeling paint, and dents. It’s illegal to have a damaged tank, so it should be replaced as soon as possible.


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