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4 Common Misconceptions About Bronzing Lotions December 8, 2017

4 Common Misconceptions About Bronzing Lotions, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Nothing beats the appeal of beautiful, healthy, sun-kissed skin. These days you don’t have to rely on the sun to achieve the perfect glow. You can choose anything from bronzing lotions to tanning beds to get the look you want. Unfortunately, with so many tanning option available, there’s an assortment of misinformation that comes along with them, but the expert team at Touch of Bronze is here to help.

Below, Stillwater, OK’s premier tanning salon discusses a few of the common misconceptions about bronzing lotion and how this tanning option could benefit you:

  • bronzing lotionBronzing Lotions Cause Streaking: While some store-bought bronzers can leave streaks on your body or turn your hands orange, professional, natural bronzing lotions don’t. They’re meant to minimize or eliminate the presence of streaks, as long as they are properly applied. 
  • You Can Shower Immediately After Tanning with Bronzer: DHA bronzers contain a colorless ingredient that produces a delayed bronze color to the skin after exposure to the air. However, for it to work, you must wait two to three hours for the change to occur. Showering during this time will prevent the color from developing.
  • Bronzing Lotions Aren’t Meant for Fair Complexions: Bronzers are perfect for people with paler skin tones or those who have difficulty tanning. It’s also ideal for people who want fast results. Your original complexion doesn’t matter.
  • They Have Nothing to Do With Melanin: The melanin in your body is what gives your skin color when you tan, and bronzers affect its production. In fact, bronzing lotions will give your melanin production a helpful boost. The active ingredients in the bronzers help you tan quickly.

If you’re ready to give your skin a gorgeous, healthy glow, head over to Touch of Bronze. Whether you’d like to try a bronzing lotion, spray tanning, or a tanning bed, their Smart Tan® certified staff is more than happy to help you choose the right package to fit your needs. Call today at (405) 533-1826 and schedule your next tanning appointment, or visit them online for more information.

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