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3 Noteworthy Benefits of Roll-In Shower Designs December 7, 2017

St. Peters, St. Charles
3 Noteworthy Benefits of Roll-In Shower Designs , St. Peters, Missouri

For individuals with mobility challenges, roll-in showers can make daily routines much simpler. Yet, in addition to enhancing shower accessibility, these unique designs also offer a number of additional noteworthy benefits. As a leader in bathroom remodeling in Saint Peters, MO, Comfort Plus Baths specializes in optimizing showers and tubs for anyone with limited mobility.

Here, their team shares some specific advantages of upgrading your bathroom with a roll-in shower design:

  • Modern Aesthetic: With a sleeker overall look, this shower design fits exceptionally well with any contemporary aesthetic. Since roll-in layouts don’t have any ledges, the uninterrupted floor design creates an illusion of a larger space. Thus, the layout fits seamlessly with any bathroom look, whether you have large tiles or small, intricate mosaics.
  • roll-in showerAdded Space: The elimination of the ledge makes it easier to place the shower in whichever location you see fit. Sometimes, homeowners are actually able to gain more space in their bathrooms with a roll-in design. Whether you simply want a larger space for easier navigation or you’re seeking added storage, a shower remodel could help you get better use out of the existing area.
  • Versatility: Lastly, roll-in shower designs boast a broad range of options to choose from. Whether you’re seeking glass doors to create a visually-appealing impact or you prefer an open-concept design with no doors and a simple curtain, you can tailor your shower to your unique vision. You can also explore options for multiple shower heads and drains for enhanced functionality.

No matter your preferences, Comfort Plus Baths will oversee your bathroom remodel, leaving you with a beautiful and practical roll-in shower. You can browse through their gallery of completed redesigns on their website for inspiration, or like them on Facebook to learn more. To discuss your needs with one of their knowledgeable associates, call (636) 928-4300 today.

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