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Why Mitsubishi® Electric Horizontal-Ducted Indoor Units Beat Traditional Duct Systems December 8, 2017

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Why Mitsubishi® Electric Horizontal-Ducted Indoor Units Beat Traditional Duct Systems, Wakefield, Massachusetts

When it comes to heating and cooling systems, you want something that’s reliable, discreet, and easy to maintain, which is where horizontal-ducted indoor units from Mitsubishi® Electric come in. To give you a rundown of the differences between these units and traditional duct systems, Falite Bros Inc of Wakefield, MA, outlines how the two compete.

Here’s how they both stack up in terms of desirable features:

  • Convenience: While technology is steadily advancing, your air conditioning units should be keeping up as well. Horizontal-ducted units can switch from heating to cooling and back to maintain a comfortable temperature. You even have control of the system at your fingertips with the ability to adjust the temperature and settings with an app on your smartphone or tablet. Traditional duct systems don’t offer the latest technology, and without the efficiency of wireless control and automatic adjustment, you’ll be left with a higher bill.
  • mitsubishi electricVisual Appeal: One of the allures of a Mitsubishi Electric horizontal-ducted unit is its discreetness. They’re installed under the floor or above the ceiling, so they don’t take up any of your living space. They require less ductwork than traditional duct systems while doing the same job better. Traditional systems most often involve complicated ductwork and components that take up space both inside and outdoors, cluttering up your yard and home.
  • Audibility: Along with blending with the aesthetics of your home, horizontal-ducted units are virtually silent. While traditional AC units run at around 60 dB—the noise level of a normal conversation—horizontal-ducted systems produce as low as 23 dB. The lack of sound might have you forgetting it’s even there, but you’ll surely notice the comfort of a reliable system.

The benefits of having a horizontal-ducted indoor unit over a standard system are substantial. The experts at Falite Bros Inc can install your Mitsubishi AC, as well as a wide range of ductless heating & cooling systems, in no time. These technicians have offered the most up-to-date technology and the highest quality service to the Greater Boston area for over 40 years. For more information regarding the services available, call (781) 246-9320 or visit them online.

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