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An Electrical Contractor Explains 3 Tips to Save Power During Winter December 15, 2017

Austin, Austin-Round Rock Metro Area, TX
An Electrical Contractor Explains 3 Tips to Save Power During Winter, Austin, Texas

During the holiday season, you might be more focused on finding the perfect gifts for the people you love and planning that next get-together than you are on your home’s heating efficiency. However, electrical contractors explain that making a few simple changes can help you protect your budget and keep your home comfortable. Here are three tips to save money on heating during the winter months. 

Simple Money-Saving Heating Tips

Take Advantage of Passive Heating

Natural sunlight is filled with heat-generating UV light, naturally warming the air inside of your home. During the daytime, open your blinds to let the light pour in, and take advantage of other low-cost heating sources such as wood-burning stoves and traditional fireplaces. For tips on how to find low-energy appliances, talk with your electrical contractor. 

Use Curtains

Once your home has been naturally heated during the day, trap the energy inside of your place by closing your blinds and curtains. To boost your efficiency even more, consider switching to blinds and curtains with a high R-Value, which is a numerical rating for insulation ability. 

Switch Your Ceiling Fan Direction 

electrical contractorsAlthough most people only think of their ceiling fans as a cooling mechanism, the direction the blades move can actually be reversed to keep the temperature in your home warm and even. During the summer, ceiling fans should rotate counter-clockwise to create a windchill effect, and then switched during the winter to move clockwise to push rising heat downwards. Since ceiling fans are far less expensive to run than forced-air systems, you can save money while keeping your home comfortable.


Whether you are concerned about your power consumption or you need help with your electrical systems, Quantum Electric can help. Based out of Round Rock, TX, this team of professional electrical contractors can help with everything from interior and exterior lighting to new construction and energy audits. To find out how they can help you, visit their website or call (512) 246-1145.

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