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FAQs About Traveling Overseas While on Bond December 7, 2017

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FAQs About Traveling Overseas While on Bond, Northeast Tarrant, Texas

For most people out on bail, it’s legal for them to leave the country. However, before traveling internationally, it’s necessary defendants first get advice from a professional bail bondsman. If a person’s traveling rights have been restricted, they should have a bail agent help them plea the court for this privilege. In either case, securing the assistance of an experienced agent is essential for those wishing to leave the country while on bond.

What You Need to Know About Leaving the Country While on Bond

1. What Are the Consequences of Probation Violation?

A professional bail bondsman will verse you in the importance of obeying any court orders preventing you from leaving the country. Often, defying the court can result in an individual being taken into custody. In other instances, a person on bond might be sent to jail until their trial date. To avoid the consequences of violating your probation, review the court’s decision with your local bail bondsman.

2. Do I Have the Right to Leave the Country While on Bond?

In most instances, persons convicted of a crime can travel while on bond. Nevertheless, this right is not guaranteed. Specifically, if a judge rules an individual is a flight risk, they might prohibit a person from traveling. Typically, a judge’s decision will be influenced by the criminal history of the prosecuted and the kind of crime committed. In these instances, a bail bonding company might work with an attorney to petition the court for the license to travel.

3. Are My Traveling Rights Restricted While Abroad?

professional bail bondsmanPersons charged with a misdemeanor should not experience traveling restrictions. However, those with felony charges might encounter constraints. These individuals will likely be court ordered to report to a probation officer, meet with a professional bail bondsman, or be limited to traveling within the state.

4. Will My Activity Overseas Be Monitored?

It’s probable the police will keep close watch of a person convicted of a crime. For this reason, defendants should conduct themselves in an ethical manner and obey all local laws while overseas. Additionally, they must return to their country of origin in time for their court date.


When it comes to keeping you and your loved ones out of jail, a professional bail bondsman can provide you with the assistance and assurance you need. Located in Haltom City, TX, Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is dedicated to aiding communities in the Fort Worth area with affordable and fast bail bonding services. Committed to serving you and your family, their compassionate and qualified staff keep their office doors open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (817) 834-9894 and visit them online to learn more about their services.  

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