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3 Tips for Finding Great Items at a Consignment Shop December 7, 2017

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3 Tips for Finding Great Items at a Consignment Shop, Fairport, New York

A consignment shop is fun to browse, but it can also be overwhelming. The clothing racks can be daunting when they’re full, and it can be difficult to sort sub-par items from ones you’ll cherish. However, with the right strategy, you can be sure to walk away with clothes you’ll love. Here are three tips for finding treasures when you visit your local consignment shop.

3 Tips for Finding Hidden Gems in a Consignment Shop

1. Pay Attention to the Season

People typically shop for winter clothes just before or during winter, and summer clothes when warmer months roll around. One of the best ways to find amazing clothing consignment items is to shop off-season. If you’re shopping in the summertime, buy items for the coming winter rather than for the current weather. You’re sure to find some of the best items in the off-season, simply because few people are looking for them. 

2. Go Vintage

Rather than focusing on trendy items that you’d see in the mall, look for Consignment Shopvintage clothing that will add flair to your wardrobe. Consignment shops tend to have more old items than new, and their vintage items tend to be higher quality. Luckily, fashion moves in cycles, so you may find that a vintage piece is all the rage six months from now! 

3. Overlook Imperfections

Consignment store items are pre-owned, so don’t get hung up on minor imperfections in something you otherwise love. A small hole, a missing button, or a light stain can be fixed or covered up easily, and you can wear the garment for years to come, regardless of its flaws. Even better, you may get a great deal on that item because of minor damage.


Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop in Fairport, NY, is the perfect spot to look for great deals on unique clothing items. In business for over 30 years, they are dedicated to helping you find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Visit their website to view their blog and learn all about the shop, or call (585) 223-3737 for more information. 

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