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Local Business Directories Remain Extremely Popular in the Digital Age March 17, 2015

Towson, Baltimore County
Local Business Directories Remain Extremely Popular in the Digital Age, Towson, Maryland

As a small business owner, you need to make sure you get the most out of every marketing dollar. In the modern world, you might think that investing in a print business directory would be a waste of money, but in fact, print directories remain a very popular source of information for a large section of the population. Industry specialists state that millions of people still turn to the Yellow Pages and other business listings every year, with some specialized listings growing even in the digital age.

The Shepherd’s Guide, a business listing service that connects Christians with Christian-owned businesses, has enjoyed steady growth for more than 30 years by filling a specific niche in an industry that's still very much thriving. In fact, trade groups estimate that up to 60% of American adults have consulted their general local yellow pages in the past month, which amounts to more than 150 million people! Usage is even higher in suburban and rural areas, where shoppers have much different shopping habits than urban users.

It’s also true that many of those who still rely on print matter to locate local businesses tend to be older, which some businesses see as a disadvantage as they attempt to reach younger customers. However, older consumers are more likely to own their own home and require the services of HVAC repair services, insurance agents, and other businesses who need to target local customers.

The Shepherd’s Guide in Towson, Maryland provides a unique service and innovative distribution method to reach an ever-growing audience of Christians looking for Christian-owned businesses. Visit their website to learn more, or to start searching for businesses in your area today.

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