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What Is MLS Laser Therapy & How Does It Affect the Body? December 26, 2017

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What Is MLS Laser Therapy & How Does It Affect the Body?, Brighton, New York

When you are experiencing bodily pain, there are various treatments one can pursue. For foot problems, MLS laser therapy is incredibly effective. However, many are still unaware of what it is and how it works on the body. The podiatrists at Westside Podiatry Group, in Rochester, NY, share their knowledge on the treatment.

All About MLS Laser Therapy

What Is MLS Laser Therapy?

This form of foot care uses a multi-wave locked system (MLS). It creates light energy that touches the damaged cells and stimulates activity. Not only does this help speed the recovery process, but it is also effective in reducing pain levels. This treatment is used for the relief of discomfort, inflammation, and edema.

How Does It Affect Nerve Function?

mls laser therapyMLS laser therapy has a positive effect on your nerves. When damage takes too long to repair on its own, it results in numbness. Your toes or heel may be at risk of long-term loss of feeling with certain injuries. This treatment encourages nerve cell reconnection, which prevents this.

How Does It Lower Inflammation?

One of the key factors of MLS laser therapy is its ability to lower inflammation. It does this by activating the lymphatic drainage system, which is responsible for lowering swelling in the body. The healing of both bruising and puffiness is then expedited.

If you are experiencing foot pain, contact Westside Podiatry Group. They have three convenient locations in Rochester, Greece, and Gates, NY. With 38 years’ experience, their podiatrists are well-prepared to help you find a solution for any discomfort in your feet. For more information about MLS laser therapy, visit their website. Call (585) 506-9790 for the Rochester location, (585) 225-2290 for Greece, or (585) 247-2170 for Gates. 

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