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3 Tips & Livestock Supplies to Prepare Animals for Winter December 7, 2017

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3 Tips & Livestock Supplies to Prepare Animals for Winter, Bethel, Ohio

As a farmer, you undoubtedly rely on your herd being able to make it through the winter, which is why it’s essential to take proper precautions and invest in the right livestock supplies before the cold sets in. Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center in Clermont County, OH, has decades of experience providing farmers with solutions to help their herd weather the storm, so they’re sharing some insightful tips below.

3 Livestock Supplies & Insights to Help Weather the Winter 

1. Tank or Water Heater for Fresh Water

If your livestock often stays hydrated by drinking from the natural water sources located on your property, be aware they might not be able to do so during the winter. In the colder weather, those springs and creeks can easily freeze, taking days or weeks to thaw. Your livestock requires access to clean, fresh water several times a day, so it’s important to prepare for this by investing in a water tank or de-icer to prevent freezing. 

2. Adequate Food 

livestock-suppliesMany let their livestock roam the fields during the warmer months, allowing them to feed on the grass and other fresh foods on their property; during winter, this might not always be an option. Your herd will require extra food during the winter to keep warm and build up their strength, so it’s always a good idea to have an adequate amount of feed stored through the colder months. You can easily purchase the livestock supplies and food you need in advance to ensure you’re prepared. 

​​​​​​​3. Proper Housing

Just like human beings, livestock needs to be housed properly to survive the winter. Many animals — like horses, cows, and sheep — can spend a lot of time outdoors during wintertime. But, when it begins to snow, or the winds pick up, they need to be somewhere warm. For those who don’t own a barn, there are several affordable lean-tos, windbreak shelters, and open-area barns that can be easily set up to provide adequate shelter during extreme weather. 

Purchasing the proper livestock supplies before the winter will help ensure that your animals remain healthy and warm. For more helpful livestock tips, contact Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center at (513) 734-2246. You can also visit their website to find out more about their garden supplies and feed mill. 

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