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5 Basic Treestand Safety Rules November 30, 2017

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5 Basic Treestand Safety Rules, Garfield, Michigan

If you're a hunter, a treestand is one of the most useful pieces of hunting equipment to own. Not only does it improve your perspective, but it also helps keep your scent off the ground. However, as the hunting experts at Hurricane Safety Systems, LLC in Traverse City, MI, point out, although it's designed to make the hunt easier, there are still safety rules and protocol that must be followed to avoid serious injuries. 

5 Basic Treestand Safety Rules

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Product

Before you use the treestand, read through the instruction manual. Even if you've used one before, never assume the components are the same across all brands. Once you've gone through everything, practice using it while still on the ground.

2. Choose the Right Tree

No matter how sturdy and well-crafted a treestand may be, it won't make a difference if the tree is too weak to handle it. Always choose healthy, straight trees with rough bark.

3. Use a Full Body Harness or Fall-Arrest System

treestandAvoid belts that only cover the waist or upper body; those designs do a poor job at properly supporting the weight of a person and cause internal injuries in the event of a slip.

4. Use Pull Ropes/Haul Lines for Firearms & Equipment

Whether you use a firearm or a bow, leave it on the ground at first. Don't try to carry it while you climb up. Once you’re situated, use a pull rope or haul line to bring it up safely.

5. Load Only When You're Secure

If you’re using a firearm, always keep it unloaded until you're secure in the treestand. Also, make sure the point of attachment is far away from the trigger.

For more ways to improve your hunting trips, check out the safety equipment Hurricane Safety Systems, LLC has to offer on their website. Whether it's the Treestand Powergrab™ or the Powerstep™, their products are designed to maximize your safety and confidence. If you have any questions, call them at (231) 935-4049.

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