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Keep Your Vehicle Protected Through The Rainy Spring Season With Reitman's Discount Auto Parts April 1, 2015

Melbourne, Campbell
Keep Your Vehicle Protected Through The Rainy Spring Season With Reitman's Discount Auto Parts, Melbourne, Kentucky

Winter is over, and the rainy spring season has just begun! Make sure you’re prepared for the many rainfalls ahead by buying your wiper motors, lights, window seals, and other protective parts from Reitman Auto Parts & Sales in Melbourne, KY. It’s also important to regularly wash your car during rainier weather, to prevent the buildup of various acids and minerals that can chip away at your vehicle’s paint.

Servicing cars in the greater Cincinnati area, Reitman Auto Parts & Sales recycles vehicles in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Annually, they process about 500 vehicles of all makes and models made as far back as 1990. Whether you’re looking for used tires, used engines, used transmissions, or any other used car parts, you’ll find a variety of recycled discount auto parts for sale at Reitman. Additionally, their auto shop services all vehicles, so you’re sure to find the part you need.

The inventory at Reitman Auto Parts & Sales comes from a wide variety of sources, such as salvage pools, insurance companies, and individual companies—and all of it is processed and dismantled on-site. Recycled auto parts aren’t only cheaper, but they’re also easier on the earth, as reusing auto parts reduces pollution by keeping them out of landfills and junkyards, and saves the stress put on the environment by manufacturing new ones. Reitman Auto Parts & Sales also disposes any refuse or unused parts in a safe, smart, and environmentally-conscious way, in order to help protect our planet’s natural resources.

In addition to selling used parts, Reitman also offers used cars for sale, and trucks for sale too. For more information on products, visit Reitman Auto Parts & Sales online, or call (859) 635-2127.