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How Family Members Can Help Plan a Jewish Funeral December 7, 2017

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How Family Members Can Help Plan a Jewish Funeral, Fairfield, Connecticut

The loss of a loved one is always overwhelming, especially when you’re tasked with planning the funeral. In addition to notifying family members, friends, and employers, you’ll also have to make all of the arrangements required by your lost loved one’s religious tradition. Fortunately, friends and other relatives can relieve the burden by handling some of the more minor tasks. Below are a few things they can do to make planning a Jewish funeral easier.

3 Tips for Planning a Jewish Funeral

1. Inform Others

Telling the deceased’s friends, co-workers, and other contacts can be taxing, especially when you have to deliver the news over and over. Allowing those you trust to handle this will allow you to focus on the family. If you wish, your synagogue can notify the entire membership about the death, as well as when the services will be held.

2. Plan the S’udat Hav’ra-ah

Jewish funeralFor families who will be observing the customary Meal of Healing after the service, family members or close friends should prepare a light meal, along with written directions to the mourners’ home, which are to be distributed at the funeral. Someone should also prepare hard-boiled eggs, a customary part of the meal after a Jewish funeral.

3. Prepare for Shiva

Let your relatives arrange the schedule of services and mourners with the synagogue and decide who will prepare your family’s meals for the first week. They can also help by preparing a handout detailing shiva instructions for those who may be unfamiliar with the customs. If necessary, they can also take care of grocery deliveries and make sure neighbors know there will be more vehicles than usual in the area.


The dedicated staff of Abraham L. Green & Son Funeral Home has been serving the Fairfield, CT, Jewish community since 1948. With a beautiful, spacious chapel and extensive experience hosting Jewish funerals, their directors and attendant can help create a service that truly honors your lost loved one. If you have any questions, visit their website, or call (203) 255-8993 to speak with a compassionate representative today.

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