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Important Pet Care Safety Tips for the Holidays December 1, 2017

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Important Pet Care Safety Tips for the Holidays, Perry, Georgia

If you’re one of the many pet parents who plan to include their pets in their holiday festivities, you need to know how to do so safely. The holidays bring a lot of sweet treats and decorations that are hazardous to dogs and cats. Following some basic pet care safety tips ensures you and your pets enjoy the holidays without an emergency trip to your local animal hospital.

Plants & Decorations to Avoid

Whether you plan to put up a real or artificial tree or want to deck your halls with holly and mistletoe, remember these all pose serious health risks to your pets. The water for real trees can contain fertilizers or pesticides that could make your pet sick if they drink it. Both real and artificial trees could also cause serious harm if they fall over, so make sure they’re properly secured.

Glass and even plastic ornaments also pose risks if they break. The shards can cut the pads of your pet’s paws and do even more harm if ingested. Stick with shatterproof ornaments and hang only the most durable ones on the lower branches. You may also want to choose an alternative for your tinsel. It may be cute to watch your cat bat at the tinsel, but if it’s ingested, it could obstruct their digestive tract.

Live plants can make your home feel more festive, but many holiday plants are poisonous for pets. These include holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias. To keep your pets safe, either keep these plants in places they can’t reach or choose a pet-friendly alternative.

Sweet Treats & Leftovers Are a No-No

holiday pet careIf you plan to serve and eat cookies, cakes, or any other sweet treats during the holidays, keep them in sealed and covered containers. If you’re hosting a party, ensure platters of food and sweets—as well as your guests’ plates—are kept out of reach and aren’t left unattended.

It’s also tempting to share your holiday leftovers with your pets. While plain pieces of turkey or chicken breast are an okay treat, the spices they’re typically cooked with aren’t. Plus, any bones could cause serious problems for your pets. You’re better off giving your pets toys or healthy, pet-safe treats for the holidays.

Don’t Forget the Noise

Holiday parties are fun for you, but they’re not always fun for your pets. Make sure your pets have access to a safe place away from the commotion of the party with plenty of food and water. If you’re celebrating New Year’s, be mindful of the noisy party favors and fireworks, which can scare pets and also cause hearing damage. Make your pets feel safe and secure and keep dogs inside so they can’t get loose.


If your furry friends need some extra pet care this season, call Perry Animal Hospital in Georgia at (478) 224-7387. This veterinary clinic offers regular pet exams as well as emergency appointments for all your pet’s needs this holiday season. They also accept CareCredit, so you never have to worry about paying for your pet’s care. Visit their website to learn more.

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