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3 Strategies Tutors Recommend for ACT & SAT Prep December 15, 2017

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3 Strategies Tutors Recommend for ACT & SAT Prep, Hackensack, New Jersey

Many teens are nervous about the ACT and SAT, but the best way to quell these fears is to prepare for the big day. While studying and doing your regular schoolwork will help you understand the subject matter, there are test-specific steps you can take to get ready. Below, the tutors at MindsAhead Academy in New Jersey share three strategies they recommend using in the months leading up to these critical exams.

Prepare for the ACT & SAT With These 3 Tutor-Recommended Strategies

1. Do Practice Tests

While you can learn how many essay and multiple choice questions will be on the test, there’s no better way to prepare than taking the test. For the best results, complete many practice versions in the months leading up to the ACT and SAT. Then, use the results to determine your weaknesses so your tutor can focus their help.

2. Set Time Goals

tutor-edison-njTiming is often one of the most stress-inducing parts of the ACT and SAT. To combat fears about not finishing on time, many tutors believe you should set a schedule. Determine which sections you’ll spend the most time on, and allow for it. While you’ll have access to a clock in the testing center, you can also wear an analog watch to gauge your speed. 

3. Read Each Question Carefully

At the very least, read each question twice. This will allow you to glean as much information as possible before starting to devise an answer. This is especially helpful for multiple choice questions, as noticing context clues may be a major factor in whether you answer correctly.

The ACT and SAT will be much less intimidating if you prepare thoroughly for the test day. Make sure you know where you’re headed and what tools you’re allowed to bring into the testing room to further calm your nerves. To work with tutors on getting ready for these important exams, call MindsAhead Academy at (732) 791-4848. Visit the website for more information on their programs and summer camps.

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