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3 Benefits of Asphalt Sealer Application December 6, 2017

West Hamilton, Hamilton
3 Benefits of Asphalt Sealer Application, Hamilton, Ohio

Asphalt is a remarkably durable material, able to withstand years of abuse from traffic, ultraviolet radiation, and the elements. However, it isn’t impervious, and it does require some routine maintenance to prevent erosion and other damage, including regular application of a good asphalt sealer. Below are a few ways sealing your driveway or parking lot can improve your property value while maximizing the useful life of your asphalt.

3 Advantages of Using Asphalt Sealer

1. Preventing Cracks

Over time, sunlight and rainwater cause small holes and imperceptible cracks that can quickly grow if left untreated. This problem can be especially serious in areas with severe winters, as freezing soil beneath the asphalt causes the surface to bend and flex. Asphalt sealer closes up these entry points, keeping out water, plant seeds, and other factors that can penetrate the asphalt and speed up the erosion process.

2. Preserving Good Looks

asphalt sealerA pothole-filled, cracked driveway or parking lot detracts from the appearance of even the nicest, most well-maintained exterior. Regular asphalt sealer will keep your surfaces in the best condition possible, enhancing the landscaping and keeping your property value high. Well-maintained asphalt also makes it easier to see lines in the parking lot, preventing confusion and accidents.

3. Saving Money

An asphalt surface can last anywhere from 12 to 35 years, depending largely on how well it’s been maintained. In the long run, asphalt sealing can actually save you a lot of money by helping you get the most out of your investment and helping you avoid unnecessary repair bills.


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