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Buffalo Wild Wings in Danbury, CT is your spot for hot wings, burgers and beer. Enjoy your favorite sports on one of our 30 flat screen TV's while you sip from a large selection of international beers on tap.

3 Reasons to Bring Buffalo Wild Wings to Your Next Party December 8, 2017

Danbury, Fairfield County
3 Reasons to Bring Buffalo Wild Wings to Your Next Party, Danbury, Connecticut

When you have a party coming up, how do you plan your menu? Instead of spending hours concocting new dishes to suit diverse tastes, consider ordering a time-tested favorite—wings. Below, Buffalo Wild Wings in Danbury, CT, shares three reasons to order from their party menu for your next shindig.

Why You Should Bring Buffalo Wild Wings to Your Next Party

1. Convenience

Forget stressing out about planning various dishes that have to be ready at the same time. Instead, order a takeout pack with a variety of foods, so you can kick back and wait for your guests to arrive. You can’t go wrong with a boneless takeout pack that includes salad, wings, an appetizer, and dipping sauce.

2. Likability

wings-danbury-ctIt’s nearly impossible to ask all of your guests what they’d like to eat and arrange a diverse feast so everyone can eat together. When you order a takeout pack, you can please carnivores, vegetarians, kids, and adults. Plus, with a wide variety of dipping sauces, your guests have the freedom to customize the heat level on their wings—so everyone’s happy!

3. Delicious Flavor

Buffalo Wild Wings offers an array of flavor combinations, so you can find the perfect party platter or takeout pack for friends and family. Grab the rich mini corn dogs and salty twist pretzels for appetizers before the game. Then, load up on fresh coleslaw and crispy potato wedges to go with your baked mac-and-cheese and meaty wings. Tack on chocolate fudge cake or cheesecake bites for a sweet treat to round out your hearty meal.

Not only will ordering wings eliminate the need to cook, but it will also minimize the mess when the party’s over. Instead of scrubbing away at pots and pans, just have napkins, plates, and silverware at the ready. That way, you can dig into every spicy, savory, and sweet Buffalo Wild Wings dish. To order now, call (203) 794-9453. Visit the website for more information on the party menu, including beverage options.

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