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Top 3 Tips for Troubleshooting Common Cooling & Heating System Problems December 14, 2017

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Top 3 Tips for Troubleshooting Common Cooling & Heating System Problems, Exeter, New Hampshire

It’s never fun when your cooling and heating system fails, especially when it happens on an especially cold or hot day. Luckily, you can perform some troubleshooting measures on your own to get things back on track and avoid a costly repair bill. Here, Key Heating & Air Conditioning of Exeter, NH, shares their top three tips for remedying common HVAC problems.

3 Tips for Troubleshooting Common Heating & Cooling System Problems

1. Frozen Ice Pump in Winter

Cooling and Heating SystemIt’s normal for a bit of ice to accumulate on a heat pump in the winter. In fact, the unit itself manages this by using a defrost cycle to de-ice its coils. However, if ice encases the entire unit, the unit will not operate efficiently. Before calling for service, make sure the outdoor coil isn’t blocked by snow or leaves. Also, confirm that any runoff from snow on your roof and gutters drips away from the unit.

2. Noisy Air Vents

You can expect to hear some noise in your air vents while the fan is on. However, if the noise becomes a high-pitched whining, there may be a problem. This is usually the result of a blocked air return, which prevents air from flowing through the ductwork. To combat this problem, try replacing the air filter. You should also make sure the return vents are not shut off. If you notice debris in the ducts, call a professional.

3. Thermostat That Doesn’t Reach Desired Temperature Setting

Watching the thermostat and hoping for a change that never comes is undoubtedly frustrating. The culprit to this problem is usually a poorly calibrated thermostat. Even once re-calibrated, many thermostats will quickly lose their settings and revert to unpredictable behavior. The quickest solution is to replace your outdated model with a wireless thermostat. These are extremely accurate and never lose their calibration. Plus, by customizing the settings, you’ll see significant savings on cooling and heating system costs.

When your HVAC unit starts giving you trouble, these tips can eliminate a number of hassles. If you are looking for additional assistance, count on the team at Key Heating & Air Conditioning. For over 25 years, this company has provided outstanding service to the Exeter area. They are proud of their A+ Better Business Bureau® rating and uphold customer satisfaction as their number one priority. Call today at (603) 436-8811 or visit them online for more information about cooling and heating system help.

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