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3 Powerful Health Benefits of Nordic Skiing December 21, 2017

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3 Powerful Health Benefits of Nordic Skiing, Juneau, Alaska

Nordic skiing, also called cross-country skiing, gives skiers the chance to glide across the surface of the snow with the help of skis that don’t have boots fixed to the back of the binding. Because the heel can rise and fall, skiers can propel the skis forward by lifting their heels up and down while pushing off with their legs. In addition to being fun, Nordic skiing also offers these three powerful health benefits.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Although Nordic skiing involves a great deal of gliding, getting to the point where you are going fast enough to sail across the snow is physically challenging and offers a great cardiovascular workout. However, after you get your heart pumping, you can enjoy the sights of the countryside and the stability of relatively flat ground. 

Strengthen Legs & Arms

In addition to moving your legs forward to move the skis, cross-country skiers also use special poles to help them with directionality and speed. This upper and lower body exercise helps to strengthen the arms and legs, building your lean muscle mass. 

Relieve Stress  

nordic skiingNothing quite compares to skiing in the afternoon and then heading back to a cozy lodge where you can kick back and relax. One of the best things about Nordic skiing is the fact that it can alleviate quite a bit of stress, making you feel relaxed and happy.


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