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Why You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit August 7, 2018

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Why You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit, Juneau, Alaska

When you place your belongings in a storage unit, you want to ensure they’re kept safely. While most clothes and toys don’t mind extreme weather conditions, a lot of other items can get damaged if the room gets too cold. Juneau Self Storage offers heated storage solutions in Alaska, where extreme weather is the norm. Here they explain the benefits of heated storage.

3 Reasons to Select a Heated Storage Unit in the Winter

1. Protection of Your Property

Many of your items can get damaged in extreme temperatures. For example, electronics cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold. The same is true for musical instruments and wood furniture. By selecting a climate-controlled storage unit, you can make sure that your things are not exposed to temperatures below freezing even in the winter.

2. Better Air Quality

storage unitA regular storage unit doesn’t have the same air quality as your home. If it’s not climate-controlled, then it may even have a musty smell due to a lack of air circulation. If you’re storing important documents or electronics, it’s important to choose a unit with good air quality without having to vent it regularly by opening the door.

3. Less Dust & Debris

To increase energy efficiency, a heated unit is properly sealed and insulated. These units may even be indoors to make it easier to keep the cold out. A properly sealed storage room attracts less dust and debris, and there is also less of a chance you’ll find rodents or insects mingling with your belongings.

If you’re looking for a place to store your belongings temporarily or long-term, give the staff at Juneau Self Storage a call at (907) 586-6464. Their facilities include heated storage units to ensure that your items stay safe—even when temperatures are far below zero outside. Visit their website to see their unit sizes and rates.

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