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Does Solar Power Count As a Sustainable Energy Resource? December 5, 2017

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Does Solar Power Count As a Sustainable Energy Resource?, Orlando, Florida

For the first time in history, solar energy costs less than traditional fossil fuels. By converting the sun’s rays into electrical energy, solar panels heat a home, light up a factory, or distribute water to a farm. Since solar power does not necessitate the depletion of natural resources, it remains an inherently sustainable energy. Unlike carbon-based fuel, which is a finite resource—meaning there is a limited quantity available on earth—the sun’s power is limitless.

Sustainable Energy & Solar Power

Sustainability Defined

The U.N. defines sustainability as attending to present needs without compromising the development of future generations. Since solar energy is indefinite, it is widely accepted as sustainable energy. There is sufficient sunlight to power the entire planet if people could harness it. In fact, a Scientific American study found the amount of energy in sunlight that reaches the earth in 40 minutes equals the amount of electrical energy consumed on the planet in a year. However, garnering this energy takes time and resources.

Minor Setbacks 

While solar energy is limitless, sustainable-energysolar panels need to be constructed from various types of silicon, such as polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Often, the frames are made of aluminum and the finished product needs to be covered in glass. Thus, the process still utilizes natural resources, and about 4% of the finished product may remain unrecyclable. However, this isn’t much compared to the environmental toll of traditional fossil fuels. After solar panel production, the panels create no waste. Unlike a car burning fuel, for instance, a solar panel emits no harmful byproducts while it works.


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