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Avoid Emergency Appliance Repairs This Winter With 3 Key Tips December 7, 2017

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Avoid Emergency Appliance Repairs This Winter With 3 Key Tips , Delhi, Ohio

During the frigid winter months, nothing beats baking holiday cookies and cuddling up by the fire with some tea. Cincinnati’s icy winters may be difficult, but properly functioning appliances make them a lot more bearable. Unfortunately, the cold weather can pose serious hazards to everything from your water heater to your oven. To avoid unnecessary emergency appliance repairs this season, take the time to prep your home for optimal efficiency.

How to Stave off Appliance Repairs

1. Clean Dryer Connections

About 15,000 dryer and washing machine fires occur each year in U.S. homes. In about 92% of these instances, the dryer, rather than the washer, was to blame. To avoid a serious problem, it’s imperative to clean your dryer’s vents and connections on a regular basis. In addition to emptying the lint slot, use a vacuum to remove additional dust particles every couple of weeks. You also need to enlist a professional to clean your dryer ducts at least once a year.

2. Insulate Garage Appliances

appliance repairsMany people keep appliances in their garage, such as an additional refrigerator to store extra food and beverages. While this normally does not pose a problem, the winter can cause the water lines in the fridge to freeze. As a result, they may leak and create damage. If you run an appliance in your garage, make sure to properly insulate it with weather stripping.

3. Clean Kitchen Appliances

Even the cleanest homeowners may find a surprising amount of dust, dirt, and particles hidden behind their oven. This winter, take the time to move your fridge and oven, taking care to remove all cobwebs and buildup. This will prevent dust from infiltrating your system, causing it to run less efficiently or even break down.  


Hopefully, you won’t need a fridge or stove repair service this winter. If it happens, though, the experts from Complete Appliance Service in Ft. Wright, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, have you covered. Since 1980, the highly trained specialists have been helping Greater Cincinnati area residents maintain safe, efficient appliances. To learn more about the team, visit the website. If you would like to request a quote for an appliance repair service, call them today at (513) 661-3708.

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