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3 Factors to Consider When Installing a Fence for a Big Dog December 7, 2017

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3 Factors to Consider When Installing a Fence for a Big Dog, Hilton, New York

As much as dogs love the outdoors, it’s often difficult to keep them contained within your property’s boundary. This is especially true for bigger canine breeds that can easily jump and cross over short fences. The trick is to find a fencing product that is the perfect combination of practicality, aesthetics, and longevity. Read on to learn about some important considerations you should consider when selecting a dog fence for your house.

3 Factors to Consider When Installing Fences for Big Dog Breeds


The typical fence height of four feet is nothing more than a minor obstacle for breeds like the Great Dane and golden retriever. All it takes is one hop for them to get over. To keep them contained within the property, fencing contractors recommend installing a boundary that is five to six feet tall. This height is usually enough to discourage pups from getting too adventurous and climbing over.

Fence Material

FenceMaintaining a proper boundary for your large dog also warrants paying attention to the type of materials you choose. While aluminum designs are sturdy and difficult to break through, your furry friend can use the grooves and grills to get to the other side. Generally, solid vinyl and wood fences are suitable since they provide no room for dogs to practice their climbing skills.

Type of Fencing

Cutting your pet’s access to the world beyond the fence also means blocking their view from the distractions on the outside. Solid fencing materials don’t just make it harder for dogs to hop across — they also prevent your pooch from seeing objects that attract them to the other side. What you need is a high-quality vinyl or wood fence that can withstand forceful chewing and pushing from your canine friend.


Keep your dog within the property boundary by opting for the top-tier materials New York State Fence Co offers. They have furnished residents throughout the Hilton, NY, area with durable and appealing fences for more than 50 years. For further information about their products and installation services, call (585) 392-3222 or visit their website.

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