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Top 3 Screen Printing Techniques for T-Shirts December 7, 2017

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Top 3 Screen Printing Techniques for T-Shirts, La Crosse, Wisconsin

When it comes to screen printing custom T-shirts, you have a lot of options, and choosing a screen printing technique can be overwhelming. Different techniques render different results depending on the type of fabric you’re working with, how complex your designs are, and the results you’re seeking. Here’s an overview of the top three screen printing methods being used today, and for which type of project each performs best. 

3 Different Types of Screen Printing Techniques for T-Shirts


Soft-hand screen printing got its name for how it feels: soft to the touch. It has become popular for T-shirt printing because it doesn’t feel stiff or scratchy, offering a soft, vintage feel that’s comfortable to wear. If you select soft-hand screen printing, you also have options regarding the amount of ink used and how soft the ink will feel. It can cost more to use a softer ink, but it may be worthwhile for the improved comfort. You can also opt to apply less ink to a garment to create a softer, lighter print. Some techniques for soft-hand screen printing are only suitable for cotton items. Soft-hand is generally the top choice for anything that will be worn against the skin, like custom T-shirts. 


Screen PrintingLarge-scale screen printing ranges from oversize printing to all-over printing, or AOP. Both of these techniques refer to the size of the printing itself: Oversize printing might cover a large portion of an item, while AOP covers the entire item. These options can create a unique look for custom T-shirts, as the print can go off the top, bottom, and sides of the shirt or repeat across its surface. With the right design, planning, and ink choices, large-scale screen printing can create some high-impact looks for your screen-printed items. 


Specialty screen printing refers to a wide variety of options that don’t fall under typical designs or inks. Interesting ink options such as metallics, glitter, raised prints, and glow-in-the-dark inks are available as specialty screen prints, as are combinations of different types of inks and layered inks. You might also need specialty screen printing services if you’re looking to print on an unusual material, like athletic fabric, faux leather, or satin. 


If you’re looking for the perfect screen printing for your custom T-shirts, Image World in La Crosse, WI, provides full-service screen printing for personal, business, and commercial printed items. Image World screen prints everything from T-shirts to mugs, pens, and stress balls. Visit their website to view their products and services, and call (608) 788-8585 for more information. 

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