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How Summer Camp Teaches Responsibility February 26, 2018

Piermont, Grafton
How Summer Camp Teaches Responsibility, Piermont, New Hampshire


Summer camp offers kids a memorable experience filled with new friends, new skills, and adventure around every corner. Children who attend, especially those who go to sleepaway summer camp, show more responsibility and an increase in confidence throughout their lives. Here, New England’s best summer camp, Camp Walt Whitman, explains how their program shapes lives.

Balances Interaction & Independence

Children who attend sleepaway camp live and play alongside kids from a wide range of backgrounds. While the other children in their cabin are all the same age, they do many activities with mixed age groups and have the opportunity to interact with campers who bring different experiences and maturity levels. With their counselors serving as mentors, children practice life skills and uncover talents in a friendly, fun, safe, and supportive environment. Since the senior staff is always nearby, kids can feel secure exploring new ideas and activities, giving them the confidence to leave their comfort zone.

Fosters Flexibility

When children spend the summer away from their parents, they must learn to take care of themselves on a daily basis while coexisting with other campers and counselors. As a result, they learn to be flexible, patient, and compassionate. Children gain a maturity that also helps them become confident leaders in all areas of their lives. Some campers put these skills to good use by becoming counselors after high school, empowering them to pass these important lessons to others.

Promotes Leadership

When teenagers demonstrate their ability to care for younger kids, they are on their way to becoming more self-sufficient, successful adults. Our Counselor-in-Training program begins after campers have finished their sophomore year of high school, giving young teens the chance to take on more responsibility and guide younger kids. Not only do these campers look up to their counselors and leaders-in-training, but teens and adults learn how to be effective role models. Embracing this opportunity prepares them to be enthusiastic employees and dedicated parents later in life.

For the best summer camp in New England, choose Camp Walt Whitman. The summer camp offers an extensive list of activities throughout the summer that help kids discover their strengths and take responsibility for themselves and others. As attendees make new friends and master new skills, they build memories that will last their whole lives. To learn more about the sleepaway summer camp program, call (800) 657-8282 or visit their website.