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Top 3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Brakes & Avoid Costly Brake Service December 7, 2017

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Top 3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Brakes & Avoid Costly Brake Service, Honolulu, Hawaii

Brakes are vital to your car’s ability to stop and should be kept in top shape to ensure safe operation of your vehicle. Fantastik Auto Repair in Honolulu, HI, shares with you their top three tips to extend the life of your brakes and avoid the need for brake service.

3 Tips to Keep Your Brakes in Great Shape

1. Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Brake ServiceSquealing, screeching, and grinding is not what you want to hear when pressing the brake pedal. If you notice any of these signs, take your car in for brake service immediately. Your mechanic may be able to identify and fix problems before they become significant issues. If you ignore the warning signs, your brakes could wear down to the rotor, a problem for which maintenance costs significantly more than regular brake service.

2. Practice Good Driving Habits

Proper braking is essential to maintain healthy brakes. Pay attention to traffic to allow yourself ample time to slow the vehicle to avoid slamming on the brakes. Also, consider driving a bit slower, and try to keep a reasonable distance between your car and the next car. Another great way to extend the life of your brakes is to practice coasting, in which you take your foot off the gas and allow the car to slow down on its own before applying the brakes.

3. Flush Brake Fluid & Bleed the Lines

Brake fluid provides lubrication required for optimal brake performance. Check the fluid regularly to ensure that it is at the appropriate level and that it appears healthy. If you notice that it is milky in color, chances are that it is contaminated with water and needs to be changed. You should also bleed your brake lines of excess air. Any air left in the brake lines prevents fluid from flowing through the braking system, which makes it increasingly harder to stop the vehicle when pressing on the pedal.

Safe operation of your vehicle depends on a healthy braking system. For the most trusted brake service in Honolulu, look no further than Fantastik Auto Repair. Give them a call at (808) 842-3777, or visit them online for more information about their services.

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