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Three Benefits of Visiting a Marriage Counselor February 9, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
Three Benefits of Visiting a Marriage Counselor, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Marriage is a wonderful and rewarding commitment. However, sometimes, it takes more than two people to make the relationship work. Seeing a marriage counselor will benefit couples in a variety of ways. According to Clinical Services, a top behavior health clinic in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, these professionals help to improve communication, teach you how to resolve conflict, and create a safe environment to speak freely.

Below are some of the reasons why enlisting the services of a marriage counselor is so highly recommended: 

  • marriage counselorImproved Communication: Marriage requires people to communicate about difficult subjects. Topics such as raising children, finances, careers, and even past traumas can be hard to address. However, these are conversations that need to be had, as they foster trust, harmony, and intimacy. Seeing a marriage counselor will help to improve your skills in this area. They will teach specific exercises to learn a healthier form of expression, such as active listening or describing how you feel in a single word. 

  • Resolve Conflict: Conflict is going to occur in any kind of relationship. But what separates successful marriages from unsuccessful ones is the ability to resolve this conflict in a healthy way. A marriage counselor will assist with this by employing a variety of exercises that aim to decrease tension and improve open-mindedness. For example, they may have you employ the “R.E.S.T.” technique. This stands for review, evaluation, solve, and track, and it can help couples discover the best way to resolve issues in a respectful and effective manner. 

  • Create a Safe Space: You and your spouse should both feel safe saying, feeling, and acting without fear of losing the relationship. However, this can sometimes be tough to overcome. Luckily, sessions with marriage counselors are specifically designed for unfiltered honesty. During these visits, the professional will act as a mediator while you and your partner work through issues. 

If you want to meet with a marriage counselor, turn to the compassionate team at Clinical Services. As a state-certified facility, their experts are capable of handling a variety of issues, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other mental health difficulties. Visit their website to learn more about what they do, and call (715) 424-3400 to schedule an appointment today.

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