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What to Wear to Traditional Funeral Services November 30, 2017

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What to Wear to Traditional Funeral Services, East Haven, Connecticut

Funerals are held to mourn the loss of a lost loved one; while they are often solemn occasions, some families prefer to view it as a celebration of life. No matter the mood, it is important to dress accordingly. Traditional funeral services are often held in a house of worship and feature readings from a religious text, meaningful songs, and speeches from family members or close friends. 

The following clothing tips will help you choose a suitable outfit for a traditional burial service:

  • Choose Dark Colors: Traditionally, black was worn to funerals to represent the pain of the mourners. Today, it is not a strict requirement. However, it is still the safest and most appropriate choice. If you choose not to wear black, then opt for another dark shade. Charcoal gray, navy blue, and deep green are all acceptable alternatives. Avoid ornate patterns and colors that are too bright or cheerful, such as yellow or pink, unless the family suggests otherwise.

  • traditional funeral service East Haven CTWomen & Girls Should Wear Knee-Length Skirts: Women and girls should consider medium to long skirts or dresses for the occasion. The garment should be at or below the knee in length. Funerals are meant to be somber occasions rather than fashion showcases, so err on the side of dressing modestly. Accessories, including shoes and jewelry, should be simple and tasteful.

  • Men & Boys Should Choose Dress Pants &Ties: Male attendees are not required to wear full suits traditional funeral services. However, it is important for them to dress appropriately for the occasion. Dark-colored dress pants, button-up shirts, dress shoes, and ties are ideal. Avoid wearing sneakers or jeans to show your respect for the deceased and their survivors. Accessories should also be simple; ties and socks should either be solid-colored or have a simple striped pattern.


Attending traditional funeral services can be emotionally challenging, but knowing how to dress can make it less stressful. For additional information about preparing for a memorial service, contact Clancy-Palumbo Funeral Home. Located in East Haven, CT, this funeral home serves the New Haven, Branford and North Branford areas. Their professionals have been helping families in need for over 65 years and will attend to every detail of the occasion. For more information, visit their website or call (203) 467-2789.

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